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Workshop: Communicating data effectively with visualizations

Eric Barrett, from Jumpstart Georgia put together a workshop on communicating data effectively with visualizations. The workshop was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, on April 23 & 24, 2013. Here are Eric’s notes. (And here are the notes that I took during the workshop. They’re a bit messy…) Introduction A few sample visualizations: New York Times: The Jobless [...]

Open North: Online tools to educate and empower citizens

Open North is a nonprofit that creates online tools to educate and empower citizens to participate actively in democracy. They develop tools for civil society and governments that reduce barriers to effective participation, improving access to government information and by making participation fun, easy, and meaningful. They also directly with government, civil society, and media [...]

Valdis Krebs: Uncloaking a Slumlord Conspiracy with Social Network Analysis

AUTHOR Valdis Krebs DATE 2010 SOURCE LICENSE Copyright Valdis Krebs “Sunlight is the best disinfectant” — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis A client of ours — a small, not-for-profit, economic justice organization (EJO) — used social network analysis (SNA) to assist their city attorney in convicting a group of “slumlords” of various housing violations that [...]

Nathan Yau: 5 misconceptions about visualization

AUTHOR Nathan Yau DATE September 23, 2011 SOURCE LICENSE Creative Commons BY-NC 1. Visualization is for making data flashy This is probably the most common one. It’s easy to look at a lot of the best visualization projects and want your data to look and feel the same way. So people ask, “I have [...]

Aaron Swartz: Theory of Change

AUTHOR Aaron Swartz DATE March 14, 2010 SOURCE LICENSE None I am increasingly convinced that the difference between effective and ineffective people is their skill at developing a theory of change. Theory of change is a funny phrase — I first heard it in the nonprofit community, but it’s also widespread in politics and [...]